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XFLEX HYDRO - Hydropower Extending Power System Flexibility

2019-2024 (Ongoing Project)

XFLEX HYDRO is an ambitious €18m energy innovation project demonstrating how more flexible hydro assets can help countries and regions to meet their renewable energy targets. The four-year, EU-funded project involves seven demonstration projects and 19 organisations, and will conclude in 2023.


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HYPERBOLE - HYdropower plants PERformance and flexiBle Operation towards Lean integration of new renewable Energies

2013-2017 (Finished Project)

The overarching objective of the project is the enhanced hydropower plant value by extending the flexibility of its operating range, while also improving its long-term availability. More specifically, the project aims to study the hydraulic, mechanical and electrical dynamics of several hydraulic machines configurations – fresh and seawater turbines, reversible pump-turbines – under an extended range of operations : from overload to deep part load.

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HYDRODYNA - Harnessing the dynamic behavior of hydro-turbines, storage pumps and pump-turbines

2003-2006 Phase I and 2007-2010 Phase II (Finished Project)

The objective of the hydraulic machine manufacturers for the EUREKA project HYDRODYNA is to breakthrough the existing technological gap for mastering the unsteady Hydrodynamics of pumps, turbine and pump-turbines. These objectives will be reached by investigating both experimentally and theoretically the rotor-stator interactions and the fluid-structure coupling in a case of an industrial reduced scale pump-turbine. The results of the investigation will be new physical models and simulation tools for analysis such a machine. The results of the project will help the industrial partners of the project to extend the operating range and to increase the availability and the maintainability of these type machines, which are key components for hydro power generation.

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VICONDIA - Vibration Control Diagnosis

2003-2006 (Finished Project)

The VICONDIA project developed in the frame of the ALFA II Program for the cooperation between European and Latin American universities, funded by the European Commission, has promoted tight cooperation in the research activities in the field of dynamical behaviour of rotating machinery including noise emission, vibration control of mechanical structures, and related diagnostics.

European Project Alfa II: Europe Latin America