Research lines

Following the main research line based on the dynamic behavior of hydraulic turbines, more specific lines are also developed by the different researchers in CDIF. Those research lines are the following:

Dynamic behavior of Kaplan turbines

Led by Carme Valero

Analysis and determination of the dynamic behviour of Kaplan turbines. Focusing on vibrational behaviour, rotor and blades mode-shapes and transient measurements.


Remaining Useful Life (RUL) determination of turbine components

Led by Alexandre Presas

Determination of RUL by using experimental data, numerical models and advanced signal analysis such as artificial intelligence and neural networks


Wear and Tear of turbine components

Led by David Valentín

Determination of wear and tear of the different turbine components, such as runner, guide vanes, servomotors and bearings. Analysis of monitoring data as well as implementation of numerical models.


Dynamic behaviour of Pelton turbines

Led by Mònica Egusquiza

Determination of the effecs of abnormal hydraulic phenomena such as jet deviation on the dynamic response of pelton runners. Detection of problems from stationary point of view. Experimental data and simulation models.