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Applied research allow us to constantly enhace our expertise and knowledge base in numerical simulation advanced techniques (CFD, FEM). Numerical results obtained are compared against experimental results measured both on basic (lab scale) and advanced (prototypes) configurations, for which we count with specialized infraestructure for data capture and processing. The comprehensive knowledge of the physics and the phenomena involved in our research, and the know how adquired from years of experience studying and solving real industrial cases allow us to offer a wide range of services to industry:




Analysis of vibration problems in machinery and diagnosis

  • On-site measurement and resolution of problems
  • Analysis of complex cases using advanced techniques for processing signals and simulations
  • Pipe vibrations
  • Diagnosis service based on company data sent by e-mail
  • Modal analysis

Online remote monitoring

  • Installation of online monitoring equipment
  • Remote supervision of critical machinery from our centre
  • Off-site diagnosis when requested

Predictive maintenance

  • Setting up of predictive maintenance systems based on vibrations
  • Selection of measuring points, positions, acquisition parameters, ranges, alarm levels
  • Preparation of databases, measurement paths, etc.
  • On-site training of company personnel
  • Supervision of measurements made by company personnel



Studies of fluid dynamics

  • Analysis of problems
  • Experimental measurements
  • Various simulations
  • Small-scale laboratory trials
  • CT Manresa


Collaboration in industrial projects

  • Fluid-structure interactions
  • Design of small fluid machines (Mediclinics)


  • Basic and advanced courses in machinery vibration, signal analysis, predictive maintenance, diagnostics, etc ... tailor-made for each company