Services to industrial partners

We are focused on hydraulic turbomachinery dynamic problems. Applied research allow us to constantly enhance our expertise and knowledge based on  experimental measurements combined with numerical simulation advanced techniques (FEM, CFD). We count with specialized equipment for data acquisition and advanced tools in signal processing. We use specific CFD+FEM software for hydraulic turbo machinery analysis. Our field experience combined with numerical simulations permit us a comprehensive knowledge of the physics and the phenomena involved in our topics. We provide practical solutions and our contrasted experience studying and solving real industrial cases, allow us to offer a wide range of services to industry:

Analysis of vibration problems in machinery and diagnosis

Previous works: Endesa, Aigües de Barcelona, Solvay



Online remote monitoring

Previous works: Endesa, EDF



Studies of fluid dynamics in hydraulic machinery

Previous works: Roca, Mediclinics, Filinox, Hardi, Dara