New paper about variable speed operation in Francis turbines

In the context of XFLEX HYDRO, CDIF-UPC from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, together with EDP have published a new paper about a realistic evaluation of the use of variable speed technology in hydropower. Real data of a prototype demonstrator of the XFLEX HYDRO project has been used to evaluate how variable speed would improve the efficiency of a mid-head Francis turbine. It is shown that this technology could be used to generate the same energy as with a conventional fixed speed unit, but using less water.

Link to the open access paper here (Journal Energy Conversion and Management (IF 11.53)):

Very special and profound thoughts to the second co-author of this paper, Prof. Carme Valero, who unfortunately will not see the final result of this work. She made an unbelievable contribution in this paper and put all her accumulated experience in hydraulic machinery. The final result of this paper would not have been the same with her always valuable contributions.